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Digital Infinity

Digital Infinity is a web/mobile development company which delivers unique in-house startup projects and applications.

About us

Digital Infinity is a development firm based in the beautiful city of Novi Sad (Serbia). We partner with some of the best American companies and help them build and scale their product and business ideas that positively shape the world.

We were founded in September of 2017 and the team consists of designers, developers, and support staff.

Our teams

Creativity for us is something personal.

Rentbits team

Rentbits' mission is to make renting and managing long term rentals as simple as booking a hotel online.

Rentbits team is responsible for development, maintenance and feature delivery. If you want to be a part of this team please check out our careers page.


Sounder team

Sounder is a podcast search & listening platform with integrated state-of-the-art audio transcriber.

Since Sounder is a new project, all team members are proactively engaged in all phases of development.

Opened positions

We at Digital Infinity are dedicated to having an environment of learning, working hard and having loads of fun in everything that we do. We believe successful teamwork consists of transparency, accountability, communication and a strong work life balance.

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Reach goals and keep working

We split between creative strategies and digital experiences, finding strong messages and visual essence