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Same Boat

Freedom of thought, speech and expression.

Our corporate culture

We have a strong focus on having an environment to learn and have loads of fun in what we do. We believe that unless an employee understands that work and professional life can bring out the best in each of them, there would not be good team work. To bring out the best, we have a lot of internal initiatives that provide for a dynamic environment where each employee gets to learn, unlearn and relearn various aspects of their professional life - which also accentuates their overall work-life balance.

As a culture and process, we encourage inputs to our mutual growth and learning across all employees - without any barrier of designation or role. This has resulted in the best of the outputs from our employees and has ensured that there is a continual movement towards converting Data into Wisdom. We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion and we understand that every individual is different and this difference is needed to grow as an individual and as a company.

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